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2 Board Members


Southdown is a wonderful organisation that makes a real difference to the people in Sussex it supports. It is a well-run and respected organisation and is one of the largest voluntary sector employers in Sussex.

Driven by our belief that everyone has the right to live their lives well, the Board takes an active role in setting the strategic direction, monitoring financial performance, compliance, quality, risk and what we achieve for clients and commissioners.

Over the last two year’s we have weathered the Covid Pandemic disruption and are now considering the strategic implications and impacts of the changes we want to make going forward, both internal and external, on the way we deliver our services to maximise the difference we can make. We have bold plans for the future and are in the process of working with the Executive Team to agree a new five-year Business Strategy.

This year we are looking to recruit a new Chair of the Board in addition to 2 new Board members, the first with Human Resources/Organisational Development experience and the second with Housing management/tenant engagement experience. In addition to complementing the skills already on the Board, we would particularly welcome applicants from a diverse range of experience and backgrounds to help Southdown achieve its vision. We are planning to recruit over the Spring, provide induction over the Summer with members formally joining at our AGM in September.

You will join a friendly, supportive, high performing Board of 10 members with 1 co-optee (3 members are due to retire at the AGM in September including myself), who, are always open to new ideas and perspectives. We are united around the mission and the values of Southdown and we debate how best to pursue our goals, respecting each other and our advisors even when we have different views. I, and every other Board member, regards their service at Southdown as a most positive experience.

Our CEO, Neil Blanchard, leads a committed Executive Team, supported by empowered and dedicated senior managers and colleagues who are crucial to our continued success. As a learning organisation, change is managed proactively, so we can play a positive and vital role in providing an expanding range of support services across Sussex.

Southdown continues to work with commissioners and external partners to find solutions to meet local needs that deliver quality services, which offer good value for money within the challenging economic conditions within which we operate.

I hope you like what you have read and are interested in coming to work with us, in what is a stimulating, satisfying and enjoyable environment.

We look forward to hearing from you and if you would like an informal chat with either myself or Greg Falvey, Vice-Chair and Chair of the Remuneration & Nominations Committee, please let the recruitment team know.

Jane Claxton
March 2022